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Reza Sarhangi, 1952–2016

We are heartbroken to tell you that following a long series of heart operations, our great friend Reza Sarhangi, the founder and president of the Bridges Organization, passed away July 1st, 2016. As many of you know, his heart had been weak for many years. He received a heart transplant at the end of May, but the complications were too severe and despite his great will to live and many follow-up operations, he never fully awoke.

Reza began the Bridges Conference in 1998 and devoted his life to making it the wonderful celebration of math and art that it has become. Bridges was his greatest work of art and we will continue his wonderful legacy. You are all part of a fantastic community that gathered around him every year to share his love and passion. We are all his family and we are continuing Bridges conference series as a tribute to his life and work. Please come to Bridges conferences with memories to share and with the passionate enthusiasm for life that was Reza's gift to all of us.

We are currently raising funds to support travel scholarships and a Reza Sarhangi Memorial Lecture at the Bridges conference in future years.  For information on supporting this effort, see the Memorial Fund page.

If you wish to leave your own reminiscences or thoughts on Reza, please visit this web page:

Here is a video of the Reza Sarhangi Memorial Event from Bridges Finland 2016:




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