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2017 Call for Short Papers

Chair: Carlo Séquin
Submission deadline: 01 March 2017

Like regular papers, short papers are reports on research in the intersection of mathematics and art. Short papers are 2 or 4 pages in length. A short paper is not required to make a contribution as significant as a regular paper; they can report on works in progress or smaller projects. They could also serve as extended abstracts for more significant articles published elsewhere. In any case, every short paper will be allocated a 15-minute slot in the program, during which the authors are expected to give a 10 minute presentation and answer questions.

In some cases, submissions to the regular papers category that are deemed not to make a sufficient contribution will be offered acceptance as a short paper instead.

The other rules for regular papers apply here as well: at least one author must attend the conference, and register by the final manuscript submission deadline. Each conference participant may be the primary author on at most one regular, short, or workshop paper. Short papers use the same formatting guidelines and submission process as regular papers.


We will distribute the Proceedings book at the conference. Therefore, there is a tight and firm schedule:

  • Initial submission: 01 March 2017
  • Author notification: 05 April 2017
  • Final manuscript submission: 30 April 2017


If you have any questions regarding short papers, please contact the chair Carlo Séquin at