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Preparing your final submission

If you are the author of an accepted Bridges submission (regular paper, short paper, or workshop paper), then you can help us a lot by ensuring that all of the information about your submission is correct and up-to-date when you upload the final version of your paper. We ask that you perform the following checks and actions when uploading:

The paper

Bridges defines formatting guidelines for papers, which imposes strict requirements related to paper size, fonts, margins, figures, and so on. Please use the checklist on the Paper Guidelines page to check your PDF against the formatting requirements. If you change your paper, you can upload the new version to EasyChair. Navigate to your paper's page, and there will be an option to upload a new revision. Click on the option that says "Add or Update files" and you will see the buttons to choose the new file and submit.

Title and abstract

It's possible that during the process of revising your paper, you made changes to the title (even just adjusting the capitalization) or abstract. Therefore, the information you originally submitted on EasyChair may be out-of-date. In the "information" page for your paper, you can select "Update information" in the top-right corner of the page to update the title and abstract for your paper.

Author information

Please ensure that the author names entered on EasyChair match the names given in the paper itself. The names should appear in the same order and with the same spelling. If there is a discrepancy, you should be able to use the "Update authors" page to make changes. At this stage, we care primarily about names, and less about affiliations or countries.

Bridges keywords

Please double-check your selected Bridges keywords on the "Update information" page to ensure that they conform to the subject matter of your paper.

Supplementary files

Some authors may wish to upload supplementary files along with the paper itself. Here are a few guidelines related to supplementary files:

  • Please do not submit a response to the reviewers as a supplementary file. For the most part, such responses are not necessary. If you feel it is absolutely necessary to submit a response, email it to your track chair instead.
  • Do not include a second copy of the paper as a supplementary file. If your only submission is the paper itself, you can leave the supplementary file empty.
  • Some authors may wish to prepare a special black-and-white version of their paper for printing, and include a colour version as a supplementary file. For the most part, this is unnecessary: colour images will print just fine in black-and-white. If you must submit a separate colour version (for example, if you tested the difference by printing your colour PDF on a black-and-white printer), then please give the supplementary file an obvious name, like "colour-version.pdf".
  • Some authors may wish to prepare an extended version of their paper, with extra pages containing more figures or proofs of mathematical claims. We prefer that you avoid this practice, as it leads to ambiguity about which is the "official" version of the paper. Consider instead submitting a supplementary PDF containing only the additions to the main paper, so that it's clearly a supplement, and not a replacement.
  • If you previously uploaded a supplementary file that is no longer needed, please delete it.


At least one author of an accepted paper must register by April 30th in order to have that paper appear in the proceedings. We are currently finalizing the details of this year's registration process, and hope to have it available very soon.