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2011 Registration

There is a registration fee of US $190 that includes a CD containing both the Proceedings and the Art Exhibition catalog and either:

(a) a printed copy of the Proceedings book,


(b) a printed copy of the Art Exhibition catalog.

For a $215 registration fee, all three are included: the printed Proceedings book, the printed Art Exhibition catalog, and the CD version of both. There is a special $50 discount off the above rates for students, artists whose expenses are not otherwise supported, and K-12 teachers. Extra proceedings will be available during the conference with a price of US $50.

Registration for the Bridges conference is being processed by MathArtFun. Please go to this web site and click on the icon for Bridges near the center of the page:

Important note about visas

Visitors from outside of Portugal should make themselves aware of the visa requirements for entering Portugal. US citizens do not need a visa. Please note that if you need a visa, you must register and pay by April 25, 2011 before receiving any conference invitation letter. Please note that this registration fee is nonrefundable. Please note that for certain countries we are not able to accept credit card payments. In this case you need to send a bank cashier check or a money order. Thank you.