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2009 Plenary Speakers

Jim Bumgardner is a senior technical guru at Topspin Media, a teacher at Pasadena's Art Center College of Design, and the creative mind behind and An expert in graphics and music software, Jim makes mashups, software toys, and experimental user interfaces using Flash, Perl and other tools.

Erik Demaine (MIT), International Francqui Chair of Belgium, MacArthur Fellow, Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow. Erik studies computational aspects of geometric operations such as paper folding and cutting.

Robert J. Lang, One of the world's leading origami masters, with over 500 designs catalogued and diagrammed. In addition to creating intricate origami paper sculptures, Dr. Lang applies his knowledge of folding to solve complex problems in science and engineering.

Carlo H. Sequin (U.C. Berkeley), Computer Scientist and Virtual Sculptor, IEEE Fellow, Member of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences. Carlo studies the generation and construction of artistic forms by computer algorithms.

Dmitri Tymoczko (Princeton University), composer and music theorist. His article "The Geometry of Musical Chords" was the first music theory article ever published by Science.