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2009 Events

In addition to extraordinary speakers and intellectually stimulating presentation sessions in the connections of mathematics, science, and the arts, the 2009 conference also offers the following events:

Workshops for Creativity and Learning

As well as the normal lecture-type presentations, the Bridges conference also includes longer workshop sessions. These provide participants with opportunities to engage in some practical activities, which they can go on to use or develop, as artists, classroom practitioners, or leaders of their own workshops.

Visual Art Exhibit

The Conference will be complemented by an exhibit of mathematical art. There are opportunities for participants and contributors to show their work in the exhibition. See the link at left.

The Excursion -- July 28, 2:00 - 6:00 PM

The excursion starts from the conference site and takes the participants to several scenic places outside of Banff. The details will be announced later.

Music Night -- July 28, 8:15 PM

There will be musical performances by a combination of Bridges conference participants and professionals. See the link at left.

Theater Night -- July 29, 8:15 PM

A spirited, engaging evening of theater that should be as rewarding to the audience as it is to the conference participants who volunteer as actors.  See the link at left.

Banff Center Exploration Day -- July 30

A visit to some of the Banff facilities.

Additional Banff Center Events

The Banff Center features other events listed on the calendar here.