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FARM 2013 -- Functional Art, Music, Modeling and Design

FARM, the Workshop on Functional Art, Music, Modeling and Design, will be held in Boston, USA, on September 28th, 2013.

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Posted by: csk

Members of the Bridges community who have an interest in computational art will be interested in FARM 2013, Functional Art, Music, Modeling and Design, to be held Saturday, September 28th 2013 in Boston, USA, in conjunction with ICFP (the International Conference on Functional Programming).

This workshop is intended to gather researchers and practitioners interested in writing beautiful programs that generate beautiful artifacts. Such artifacts may include visual art, music, 3D sculptures, animations, GUIs, video games, physical models, architectural models, choreographies for dance, poetry, and even physical objects such as VLSI layouts, GPU configurations, or mechanical engineering designs.

Submissions are due Friday, June 14th.  Please see for full details.