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What People Say

People LOVE MoSAIC Festivals!

Typical Comments

People love to wear balloon polyhedra!

MoSAIC Festivals inspire and educate people of all different ages and interests. Here are some typical comments from past festivals:

“Educational and made math fun.  A good creative way of teaching.”

“I really enjoy the math and art aspects of it.  What is amazing is the combination of the two meshing together.”

“Very educational.  I appreciate math a lot more now.”

“Makes me want to take another shot at math.”

“Very worthwhile.  The use of mathematics in tangible art is very cool.  We should have more of these…”

“Passion for making math fun and relating it to creativity and art stood out for me.”

“I teach math at a community college and I will be able to enhance my lectures using some of what I learned.”

MoSAIC Festival #1 – Berkeley City College, October 3-4, 2014

Berkeley Participant Comments – scanned surveys from the festival (PDF)

Berkeley Final Report (PDF) – COMING SOON

360-degree Image of Berkeley Art Exhibit (external link)

MoSAIC BCC - Art Exhibit

The MoSAIC Art Exhibit at Berkeley City College attracted many visitors

MoSAIC BCC - George Hart workshop

Workshop by George Hart to construct a laser-cut wood sculpture

MoSAIC BCC - Karl Schaffer workshop

Giant rope transformations workshop led by Karl Schaffer

MoSAIC BCC - Balloon workshop

Balloon polyhedra workshop led by Vi Hart and Andrea Hawksley

MoSAIC BCC - Sierpinski hairbands workshop

Sierpinski tetrahedron from hairbands workshop led by Andrea Hawksley


MoSAIC Festival #2 – Columbia Secondary School, October 25-26, 2014

Columbia Participant Comments – scanned surveys from the festival (PDF) – COMING SOON

Columbia Final Report (PDF) – COMING SOON

Columbia Spectator article about the festival (external link)

MoSAIC Columbia - Frank Morgan workshop

Frank Morgan led a workshop that explored what shapes bubbles can form

MoSAIC Columbia - little girl wearing balloons

Kids make polyhedra out of balloons – then wear them!

MoSAIC Columbia - George Hart workshop

Parents and kids assembling a laser-cut wood sculpture


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