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MoSAIC Festival Requirements

This page explains the rooms, equipment, and personnel needed to successfully host a MoSAIC Festival. If you have questions that are not covered here, please feel free to use our contact page to be in touch. After reading this page, you can head back to the application form to submit your application.

In short, for a successful MoSAIC Festival you need to have “Four People and Four Rooms.” Of course, they need to be the right people and rooms, as described below.

Four People (Local Organizers)

Team Members

You need to have a team of enthusiastic helpers to assist you with several aspects of the festival.  We find that a team of about four generally works well. Of course, if you have more people and can coordinate them effectively, this can lighten the load for each individual person. The team can be a combination of faculty members, graduate students, and undergraduate students.  The most important factor is that all team members have adequate time, energy, responsibility, and enthusiasm to handle their tasks effectively.

Team Responsibilities

The team you assemble needs to handle the following tasks before, during, and after the festival:

  • advertising the festival on campus, in public schools, and at colleges around your institution
  • setting up the MoSAIC Art Exhibit (opening boxes that we will send you, that include 2- and 3-dimensional mathematical artworks along with easels, and then setting up the artworks on tables)
  • setting up the audio/video systems for lectures, workshops, and the movie screening
  • monitoring rooms during the festival, directing participants, etc.
  • breaking down the art exhibit and boxing the artworks properly and shipping them to the next MoSAIC Festival
  • writing and sending a brief report on the Festival back to the MoSAIC Project Manager, for inclusion on the MoSAIC web site

Four Rooms (Space and Equipment)

A successful MoSAIC Festival needs the following rooms and equipment:

ROOM 1: An auditorium / lecture hall that seats 100-300 people.

  • Activities hosted here:
    • Public Talks
    • Short movies from the Bridges Short Movie Festivals
    • Optionally, a Panel Discussion may be held in the afternoon of the second day if the local organizers wish to use it as a way to to collect feedback to be included in the report mentioned above
  • Room requirements:
    • Comfortable seating for 100-300 participants
    • Proximity to the other 3 rooms
  • Equipment requirements:
    • The auditorium should be equipped with a LCD projector and screen.
    • Internet access is a plus.

ROOM 2: One classroom that seats about 40 people for hands-on workshop activities.

NOTE: If you expect to have many more people than this participating in the workshops, you can consider arranging for two rooms and repeating the workshops.
  • Activities hosted here:
    • Hands-on workshop activities
  • Room requirements:
    • A podium, table, or similar in the front of the room for the presenter
    • Enough space for tables and chairs to seat 40 comfortably
    • Proximity to the other 3 rooms
  • Equipment requirements:
    • Moveable tables and chairs that participants can sit around comfortably and help each other
    • An LCD projector and screen in the front of the room for the workshop presenter

ROOM 3: A gallery or large room for the art exhibit.

  • Activities hosted here:
    • The MoSAIC Festival Art Exhibit
  • Room requirements:
    • Enough space for 10-20 tables as well as for people to circulate and view the art comfortably without jostling each other or the art
    • Good lighting (as well as viewing the art itself, each artwork is accompanied with a statement about the artist and another statement about the artwork and its relationship with mathematics)
    • Proximity to the other 3 rooms
  • Equipment requirements:
    • 10-20 tables (each 6’ to 8′ long)
    • Tablecloths are a plus to enhance the appearance of the exhibit

ROOM 4: A space next to the art exhibit for informal exchange.

  • Activities hosted here:
    • Local participants (artists and educators) may bring math/art items that they have created to present to attendees
  • Room requirements:
    • Adequate space for the tables and chairs
    • Proximity to the other 3 rooms
  • Equipment requirements:
    • 5-6 tables (each 6’ to 8′ long)
    • several chairs for each table

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