Chair: Kristóf Fenyvesi
Submission deadline: 01 March 2017

Workshop papers are four, six or eight pages in length and describe activities that lie at the intersection of mathematics and art. The Bridges Conference is looking for workshop activities that have a mathematical component, an artistic component, and clear connections between the two. Every accepted workshop paper will be granted a 90-minute workshop session in the program, during which the authors are expected to lead a workshop described in their paper and answer questions. The rooms provided to the workshop normally have movable furniture, projector and screen. All other equipment, materials and costs needed for the realization of the workshop should be arranged by the workshop presenter.

Here are some additional guidelines that will help in the development of workshop papers:

Prospective authors can visit the Bridges Archive for examples of workshop papers from past years. 

The other rules for regular papers apply to workshop papers too: at least one author must attend the conference, and register by the final manuscript submission deadline. Each conference participant may be the primary author on at most one regular, short, or workshop paper. Workshop papers use the same formatting guidelines and submission process as regular papers.


We will distribute the Proceedings book at the conference. Therefore, there is a tight and firm schedule:


If you have any questions about workshop papers, please contact the chair, Kristóf Fenyvesi, at