As we do each year, there will be musical performances by a combination of Bridges conference participants and professionals. The image above shows Noam Elkies (Harvard University) at Bridges 2010.

Bridges Music Night

A Formal Concert by Professional Musicians

Coordinator: Dmitri Tymoczko, Princeton University, USA

The 2013 Bridges Concert will be by Quartet Quinetique, with improvisations and compositions by Dmitri Tymoczko (focusing on histograms), Giovanni Albini (based on a mathematical transformation of a Gesualdo motet), and Clifton Callender (featuring "infinite canons" based on the logarithmic spiral), as well as pieces and improvisations from the quartet's repertoire.

Bridges Informal Music Night

A Gift of Music from the Bridges Participants

Coordinator: Vi Hart, Khan Academy, California, USA

Speak to Vi at the conference to be added to the program.