This page explains the rooms, equipment, and personnel needed to successfully host a MoSAIC Festival. If you have questions that are not covered here, please feel free to use our contact page to be in touch. After reading this page, you can head back to the application form to submit your application.

In short, for a successful MoSAIC Festival you need to have “Four People and Four Rooms.” Of course, they need to be the right people and rooms, as described below.

Four People (Local Organizers)

Team Members

You need to have a team of enthusiastic helpers to assist you with several aspects of the festival.  We find that a team of about four generally works well. Of course, if you have more people and can coordinate them effectively, this can lighten the load for each individual person. The team can be a combination of faculty members, graduate students, and undergraduate students.  The most important factor is that all team members have adequate time, energy, responsibility, and enthusiasm to handle their tasks effectively.

Team Responsibilities

The team you assemble needs to handle the following tasks before, during, and after the festival:

Four Rooms (Space and Equipment)

A successful MoSAIC Festival needs the following rooms and equipment:

ROOM 1: An auditorium / lecture hall that seats 100-300 people.

ROOM 2: One classroom that seats about 40 people for hands-on workshop activities.

NOTE: If you expect to have many more people than this participating in the workshops, you can consider arranging for two rooms and repeating the workshops.

ROOM 3: A gallery or large room for the art exhibit.

ROOM 4: A space next to the art exhibit for informal exchange.