Welcome to MoSAIC, a STEM+ART+CULTURE Project!

What is MoSAIC?

Bridges 2013-zome and felt polyhedral sculptures

MoSAIC was a collaborative effort sponsored and funded by MSRI (Mathematical Sciences Research Institute) and administered by the Bridges organization. Together, we creates a series of interdisciplinary mini conferences and festivals on mathematical connections in science, art, industry, and culture, to held in colleges and universities around the United States and abroad from Fall 2014 through Spring 2016.


MSRI supported the MoSAIC project using funds generously provided by the Simons Foundation.

The Bridges appreciates the generosity of the many speakers, local organizers, and participants that made these events a success. We thank the Ella Sharp Museum in Jackson, Michigan for their help in being the home of the traveling art exhibition. A special thanks goes to the following artists who had artwork that traveled as a part of the art exhibition: