Conference Location 

Bridges 2018 will be held at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. Most of the conference will be split between several museums in the same area, the so-called Museum Park. This includes the Ethnografic Museum, Police Museum, Sports Museum and the National Museum of Science and Technology. Consult the map to see where these museums are located. You can visit all of these museums for free during your stay in Stockholm.

The plenary session in the mornings every day during the conference will be held at one of the State Schools in the same district, closer to the City Center. Detailed information about the location will be available soon. The walking distance between the City Center and the Museum is approximately 45 minutes; buses and taxis are also options (see below).


The National Museum of Science and Technology is located in the Museivägen 7, 115 27 Stockholm, Sweden. Most visitors arriving by air should expect to fly into Arlanda International Airport (ARN). Taxi services at the airport can take you to the Stockholm City Center or directly to the Museum (for a cost of about $60 USD). You can also choose the high-speed train service, Arlanda Express (cost about $17 USD). Arlanda airport to Stockholm City or the Museum is about 30 minutes by taxi/train.

Visitors from the Nordic countries may arrive at the smaller and closer Bromma Airport (BMA). From Bromma, there are taxis (cost $45 USD) and bus services (cost $15 USD) that go directly to the National Museum or the City Center. From Bromma airport to Stockholm City or the Museum takes about 20 minutes by tax/bus.

Skavsta airport, near Nyköping (NYO) is also an option. Bus services are available (cost approximately $15) from each airport to the City Center or the Museum with an estimated travel time of about 1½ - 2 hours.

From the City Center to the National Museum of Science and Technology you can take the bus 69 to Museiparken (the Museum Park). Taxi takes about 10-15 minutes. Walking time is about 45 minutes between the Museum and the City Center.

Please Note: For bus services in Stockholm you will need a ticket in advance and you can buy them at the Central Station, and several other places. Estimate $4 for one trip. For taxi service, we strongly suggest that you choose "Taxi Stockholm" at phone 0771-90 00 00 or "Sverigetaxi" at phone 020-202020.


The three hotels that the Conference organization and the Museum have made an arrangement with are all close to the Museum. Two of them are just across a field called Gärdet, and the third is in a building just a few hundred meters down the road from the Museum. Click on each hotel for more information.

If you want to take advantage of the much lower rate you need to book within a limited time period. Full details can be found by following the links above. Please contact the hotels directly with any questions about discounts.


There are many restaurants and food vendors in close proximity of the Museum. In the Stockholm City Center, you will find nice restaurants on every corner. We recommend that you have dinner at some occasion in one of the old buildings in Old Town.

For your pleasure

If you have time, you can walk along the waterfront, from the Stockholm City Center to/from the Museum location. In order to make this a very pleasant walk, with wonderful views, a really nice and relaxing experience, you should estimate at least 30-45 minutes.