BRIDGES'99 in Pictures

Carlo Séquin's Newest Gems

Two weeks before the conference UC Berkeley installed a Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) machine in the Engineering Sector. This allowed Carlo Séquin to show up with a whole briefcase full of little maquettes of orderly tangles, 3D versions of the yin-yang symbol, the Hilbert curve, and of a logarithmic spiral surface.

These toys were displayed during the breaks. --

3D Yin-Yang shapes made with our new FDM machine.

and another pair 3D Yin-Yang shapes made with Stereolithography at Metalcast.

3D Hilbert curves, made on our new FDM machine.

A Borromean Tangle of 5 loops (FDM)

Half a "Spiral Surface"

A doubly interwoven toroidal trefoil, resulting from a collaboration between John Sullivan, Nat Friedman, and Carlo Séquin at AM'98.

John Sullivan is now the happy owner of such a gem designed on Carlo's sculpture generator and then cast in bronze.

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