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2015 Registration

There are six registration options. Please note that the conference CD contains both the proceedings and the art exhibition. Books and CDs will be distributed at the conference. (Please note that Category (d) for the registration has replaced the special registration options available to teachers and students in the past.)

  1. Full Registration with the Proceedings book, Art exhibition catalog, and CD ($240)
  2. Registration with the Proceedings book and conference CD ($210)
  3. Registration with the Art exhibition catalog and conference CD ($200)
  4. Registration with the conference CD ($170)
  5. Not attending artist with the Art exhibition catalog and conference CD ($110)
  6. Not attending artist with conference CD provided for downloading ($60)

Please note that the conference CD contains both the proceedings and the art exhibition catalog. Books and CD's will be distributed at the meeting.

Please note that one "author" of an accepted paper should register for one of the categories (a), (b), (c), or (d) and "attend" the conference. But categories (e) and (f) are for not attending "artists" who do not have any paper in the proceedings.

The online registration starts in January 10, 2015 and will end in July 10, 2015. If you would like to register outside of the schedule please e-mail Professor Reza Sarhangi at and register through him.

If you prefer, rather than paying online with a Visa, Mastercard or PayPal, you may mail a check or money order (payable to Tessellations) to Tessellations at 3913 E. Bronco Trail, Phoenix, AZ 85044. If you choose to pay with a check, please print the "Your Shopping Cart" page from Mathartfun and include it with your check (do not complete the checkout process). If you pay online with a credit card, the charge will appear on you credit card bill as "Tessellations".

For presenters, overhead and LCD projectors will be available. If you need any additional equipment for your presentation, please make a note on the Shopping Cart page in the Ordering Instructions box. Making a request does not guarantee the equipment will be available. All correspondence regarding papers and presentations should be directed to Reza Sarhangi (

Please note: In the Ordering Instructions box on the Shopping Cart page, please enter exactly how you wish your name and affiliation to appear on your conference badge. You should also note the name of the city and country you are from.

If you need to cancel your registration later on, please note that there will be a 10% processing fee, so that only 90% of the registration fee is refundable. Due to the cost of producing the proceedings, there are no refunds for authors.

On-site registration will also be available, but you must send your name, affiliation, and the registration type to Professor Reza Sarhangi (

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Important Note about Visas

Visitors from outside of US should make themselves aware of the visa requirements for entering this country. The participants from some countries may not need to obtain visas. Please note that if you need a visa, you must register and pay by April 25, 2015 before receiving any conference invitation letter. Please note that this registration fee is nonrefundable. Please note that for certain countries we are not able to accept credit card payments. In this case you need to send a bank cashier check or a money order. Thank you.