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2014 Poetry Day

An Afternoon of Mathematical Poetry

Time/Place: To be announced

Newton's binomial is as beautiful as Venus de Milo.
What happens is that few people notice it.

-Fernando Pessoa (as Álvaro de Campos)
translated from the Portuguese by Francisco Craveiro

Coordinated by Sarah Glaz, professor of mathematics at the University of Connecticut and poet, the poetry readings at Bridges feature poetry with strong links to mathematics and a wide range of poetic styles. The program starts with a number of invited poets reading selections from their work, followed by an open microphone period where Bridges participants are invited to read their own mathematical poems. Selected poems from the reading will appear in the Bridges Poetry Anthology. Poets are encouraged to share more of their art and scholarship by submitting articles for talks or workshops, visual poems to the gallery, or poetry with animated or musical elements for the short movie festival.

The Program and the Poets

Information about the program, the coordinators, and the invited poets may be viewed at:

Call for Poems

Bridges participants are invited to read their mathematical poems in the second part of the reading. If you are interested, please contact Sarah Glaz at: Please, send one mathematical poem you wish to read in the body of the email (not as an attachment). Efforts will be made to accommodate every participant who wishes to read a poem.

Bridges Poetry Anthologies

Bridges 2013 Poetry Anthology, Sarah Glaz (editor), Tessellations Publishing, Phoenix, Arizona, 2013

Bridges 2014 Virtual Poetry Anthology, Sarah Glaz (coordinator), Mike Naylor (host), Steve Stamps (movie editor).

Past Bridges Mathematical Poetry Readings