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2014 Art Exhibition

Here is a short movie from Bridges Towson 2012:


Bridges Art Exhibition 2012 from Towson University on YouTube.


Click on the image below to see a video about the 2013 Art Exhibition:

At the conference, there will be an exhibition of 2D and 3D mathematical art, ranging from computer graphics to quilts to geometrical sculptures. This art exhibition will be curated by Robert Fathauer, and all submitted artwork will undergo a refereeing process. There is a limit of three submissions per artist. Images of accepted artworks will also be published in the conference CD and art catalog.

There will be four awards for artworks shown at Bridges 2014, as voted at the meeting by the attendees: Best of Show, Most Effective Use of Mathematics, Craftsmanship, and Innovation. All of the award winners will receive a complimentary copy of the art catalog, and the Best of Show winner will also receive a registration waiver for Bridges 2015.

The primary intent of the art exhibition is to foster active interaction between exhibiting artists and conference participants. Thus we expect artists to attend the conference and require them to register once they obtain the notification that their work has been accepted. Work of non-registered participants will not be exhibited and will not appear in the conference CD and art catalog.

Please note that all the artworks should be hand delivered to the exhibition room at a time to be determined, usually the day before the conference starts. Artists are also responsible for picking up their works at the end of the conference. The artworks will not be insured while on display, so the artist assumes all risk for damage or theft.

The exhibition space will only accommodate a limited number of works, which may necessitate rejecting some high quality pieces. Review criteria include:

  • Math content (This is a mathematically sophisticated audience.)
  • Esthetic appeal (This is admittedly highly subjective.)
  • Medium (A variety of media will make for a more dynamic exhibition.)
  • Craftsmanship (The level of skill and effort that goes into making an effective presentation of the idea.)

Flat works will be limited in size to 24" x 36" (including frame), and 3-D works will be limited to 24" x 24" x 24".

Please note that the works should be presented in a manner that would be appropriate for a mainstream art gallery, to the extent possible given the realities of travel and shipping. This is to be contrasted to a poster session or technical illustration look, which most mathematicians are more accustomed to. For examples of the sort of works that are appropriate, see the recent art exhibitions from the Bridges Conference and Joint Mathematics Meetings, by clicking on Galleries in the menu at left.

Images of any submitted artwork and accompanying descriptions should be submitted between February 15 and March 15, 2014. Submissions of art to Bridges 2014 will only be accepted through the submission website. Notification of acceptance will be made via e-mail by April 15, 2014.