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2012 Asian Arts Gallery

Artwork by Chin Chih Yang

Exhibition: Mathematics of Light by Chin Chih Yang
June 29 - July 29, 2012
Asian Arts Gallery, Towson University

Multidisciplinary artist Chin Chih Yang was born in Taiwan, and has resided for many years in New York City. His interests in ecology and constructed environments have resulted in interactive performances and installations that have been exhibited both nationally and internationally. Chin Chih Yang's "Mathematics of Light" is sculpture/installation made of cans and other recyclable materials, which signals a conservation aesthetic in a society for the most part dedicated to waste. Not only do the cans have aesthetic features, such as shape, color, texture, and a certain relationship to light, they are themselves representations of what might have gone on to pollute the planet, had they not been put to more creative ends. Also: essential to "Mathematics of Light" is the use of modern and emergent technologies, enabling the artist to create an immersive environment participants can interact with and even move about in.

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Artwork by Chin Chih Yang