Bridges 2012 Workshop Papers

Teaching Temari: Geometrically Embroidered Spheres in the Classroom
Carolyn Yackel
(Proceedings pages 563–566)

Bead Crochet Bracelets: What Would Escher Do?
Ellie Baker and Susan Goldstine
(Proceedings pages 567–572)

Mathematical Synthesis and Making of Rope Mats and Rosettes
Nils Kr. Rossing
(Proceedings pages 573–574)

Evolve Your Own Basket
James Mallos
(Proceedings pages 575–580)

Using Technology to Explore the Geometry of Navajo Weavings
Mary Kay Kirchner and Reza Sarhangi
(Proceedings pages 581–588)

Space-filling Curves as Design Elements
Ellen Gergely, Kerry Mitchell, Martin Wesolowski
(Proceedings pages 589–592)

Creating Non-Systematic Islamic Geometric Patterns with Complex Combinations of Star Forms
Jay Bonner
(Proceedings pages 593–598)

Let's Make a (36)D (36)L Chiral Tessellation Dance
Joseph D. Clinton
(Proceedings pages 599–606)

Combinatorial Choreography
Tom Verhoeff
(Proceedings pages 607–612)

Exploring Braids through Dance: The “Waves of Tory” Problem
Andrea Hawksley
(Proceedings pages 613–618)

Math and Dance—Windmills and Tilings and Things
Karl Schaffer
(Proceedings pages 619–622)

Mathematical Eyes on Figure Skating
Diana Cheng, Tanya Berezovski, Cherie Farrington
(Proceedings pages 623–626)

Poetry-with-Mathematics Workshop
JoAnne Growney
(Proceedings pages 627–628)

Musical Composition Without Standard Musical Knowledge
Ana Pereira do Vale
(Proceedings pages 629–636)

Imagining Negative-Dimensional Space
Luke Wolcott and Elizabeth McTernan
(Proceedings pages 637–642)

A Workshop on Making Modified Truncated Icosahedra Using 4D Frame
Ho-Gul Park and Taeyoung Choi
(Proceedings pages 643–646)