Bridges 2012 Short Papers

Mathematical Sequential Art
Susan Happersett
(Proceedings pages 357–358)

Models of Stellations of the Icosahedron
Eve Torrence
(Proceedings pages 359–360)

Fisheye View of Tessellations
Radmila Sazdanovic
(Proceedings pages 361–364)

Point Symmetry Patterns on a Regular Hexagonal Tessellation
David A. Reimann
(Proceedings pages 365–368)

Knots as Processes in Art and Mathematics
Bojana Ginn
(Proceedings pages 369–372)

Building the Schwarz D-Surface from Paper Tiles
Stephen Luecking
(Proceedings pages 373–376)

Generating Chinese Knots from Arbitrary Shapes
Andrew Lee and Brandon M. Wang
(Proceedings pages 377–380)

Intersecting Helices
Paul Gailiunas
(Proceedings pages 381–384)

Rotate, Reflect, Recycle
Karl Kattchee
(Proceedings pages 385–388)

Fun with Chaotic Orbits in the Mandelbrot Set
Kerry Mitchell
(Proceedings pages 389–392)

Exploring the Visualization of Music
Robert J. Krawczyk
(Proceedings pages 393–396)

A Mathematica GUI for Generating Conway Tiles
Bruce Torrence
(Proceedings pages 397–398)

The Evolution of An Idea Inspired by 70
Charlene Morrow
(Proceedings pages 399–402)

The MathStudio Pendulum Project
Pau Atela
(Proceedings pages 403–404)

Optical Minimal Art
Hans Kuiper
(Proceedings pages 405–408)

From Two Dimensions to Four—and Back Again
Susan McBurney
(Proceedings pages 409–412)

Portraits of Groups in Three Dimensions
Jay Zimmerman and Kevin Zimmerman
(Proceedings pages 413–414)

Hierarchical Organization in Writing, Poetry, and Mathematics
Russell Jay Hendel
(Proceedings pages 415–416)

The “Golden Canon” of Book-Page Design: A Visual Presentation Using Geometer's Sketchpad
Stanley M. Max
(Proceedings pages 417–420)

Symmetry and Bivariate Splines
Tatyana Sorokina
(Proceedings pages 421–424)

Geometry and Art with a Circle Cutter
Roberta La Haye
(Proceedings pages 425–428)

Significance of Pointed Domes: Morphology, Typologies, and Geometrical Design
Maryam Ashkan
(Proceedings pages 429–432)

The Mazzocchio in Perspective
Kenneth Brecher
(Proceedings pages 433–436)

On the Geometry of Metafiction
Manil Suri
(Proceedings pages 437–438)

Dune Surfaces: A Spatial Visualization Technique for Medial Axes in the Plane or on the Sphere
Peter Calvache
(Proceedings pages 439–442)

To Trace a Creative Thought
Brian Evans
(Proceedings pages 443–446)

Images and Illusions from Orthogonal Pairs of Ellipses
Hartmut F. W. Höft
(Proceedings pages 447–448)

Crystallizing Topology in Molecular Visualizations
T. Hunter, K. Marinelli, D. Marsh, T. J. Peters
(Proceedings pages 449–452)

Mathematics in the World of Dance
Katarzyna Wasilewska
(Proceedings pages 453–456)

Fractal Geometry and Persian Carpet
Seyed Mahmood Moeini and Mehrdad Garousi
(Proceedings pages 457–460)

Escher Unraveled: Using Artwork to Investigate Transformations
Ming Tomayko, Sandy Spitzer, Linda Cooper
(Proceedings pages 461–462)

Structural Qualities and Serial Construction of Tournament Braids
D. Jacob Wildstrom
(Proceedings pages 463–466)

Music Synthesis Based on Nonlinear Dynamics
Maximos A. Kaliakatsos-Papakostas, Andreas Floros, Michael N. Vrahatis
(Proceedings pages 467–470)

Brand Values and the Perception of Symmetry
J. L. Marsden and B. G. Thomas
(Proceedings pages 471–474)

Diptych View on The Spiral
Françoise Beck-Pieterhons and Jacques Beck
(Proceedings pages 475–478)

Using Star Polygons to Understand Cyclic Group Structure
Sandy Spitzer
(Proceedings pages 479–480)

Harmonic Perspective
C. J. Fearnley and Jeannie Moberly
(Proceedings pages 481–484)

Extension of Neo-Riemannian PLR-group to Seventh Chords
Boris Kerkez
(Proceedings pages 485–488)

Tune and Rhyme: Translation Symmetry at Work
Alice Major
(Proceedings pages 489–492)

The Immersive Bridge Between Math and Art
John Miller
(Proceedings pages 493–494)

Steps Towards the Analysis of Geometric Decorative Motifs Using Shape-matching Techniques
Alice Humphrey and Michael Hann
(Proceedings pages 495–498)

Meta-Vermeer: A Topological Reinterpretation of a Masterpiece
Silvia De Toffoli and Yasuhiro Sakamoto
(Proceedings pages 499–502)

Beaded Realization of Canonical P, D, and G Triply Periodic Minimal Surfaces
Chern Chuang, Bih-Yaw Jin, Wei-Chi Wei, Chia-Chin Tsoo
(Proceedings pages 503–506)

Exploring the Projective Plane via Variations on the Faceted Octahedron
Frank Gould and S. Louise Gould
(Proceedings pages 507–508)

Analytical Calculation of Geodesic Lengths and Angle Measures on Sphere Tiling of Platonic and Archimedean Solids
Kyongil Yoon
(Proceedings pages 509–512)

The Mathematics behind Anamorphic Art
Kimberly Rausch
(Proceedings pages 513–514)

The Creative Process: Risk-taking in an Interdisciplinary Honors Course
Heather Pinson and Monica VanDieren
(Proceedings pages 515–518)

Training Teachers after Bridges
M. G. Marques and M. Pires
(Proceedings pages 519–522)

A Topology-Preserving Voxelization Shrinking Algorithm
Daniel Whalen
(Proceedings pages 523–524)

Spelunking Adventure III: Close-Pack and Space-Fill Octahedral Domains
Curtis Palmer
(Proceedings pages 525–526)

Tiling and Weaving with Permutation Functions
Robert Hanson
(Proceedings pages 527–528)

Mathematics and the Ballet Barre
Karl Schaffer
(Proceedings pages 529–532)

Amazing Labyrinths, Further Developments III
Samuel Verbiese
(Proceedings pages 533–534)

The Seven Principles of Angle Stitching—A Geometrically Based Beading Technique
Laura M. Shea
(Proceedings pages 535–538)

Depression Glass and Nested Symmetry Groups
Darrah Chavey
(Proceedings pages 539–542)

A Novel Geometric Pattern Extraction by Means of a Level-Set Method
Maryam Rahnemoonfar and Afshin Asefpour Vakilian
(Proceedings pages 543–544)

Domes, Zomes, and Drop City
Paul Hildebrandt and Clark Richert
(Proceedings pages 545–548)

A Non-Pythagorean Musical Scale Based on Logarithms
Robert P. Schneider
(Proceedings pages 549–552)

The Art and Mathematics of Tangrams
Xiaoxi Tian
(Proceedings pages 553–556)

Projecting Mathematical Curves with Laser Light
Merrill Lessley and Paul Beale
(Proceedings pages 557–560)

Digital Sangaku
Jean Constant
(Proceedings pages 561–562)