Bridges 2011 Workshop Papers

Mary Wahr
(Proceedings pages 617–620)

Using Mathematics to Make Poetry
JoAnne Growney
(Proceedings pages 621–624)

Pieces of Pi? Polyhedra, Orthoschemes and Dihedral Kaleidoscopes
Curtis Palmer
(Proceedings pages 625–628)

Build Something Beautiful and Interesting with Giant Triangles: An Entry to Deep Mathematics.
Simon Morgan and Jacqueline Sack
(Proceedings pages 629–630)

Calculating and Singing the Melody Sequences in Fauré's Song “Les Matelots”
Miriam Fradera Gajo
(Proceedings pages 631–632)

The Vasarely Playhouse: Look and Combine!
Slavik Jablan and Kristóf Fenyvesi
(Proceedings pages 633–636)

Alabaster Sculpture Workshops
Nicholas Durnan
(Proceedings pages 637–638)

Exploring the Arts with Mathematica
Christopher Carlson
(Proceedings pages 639–640)

An Exploration of Froebel's Gift Number 14 Leads to Monolinear, Re-entrant, Dichromic Mono-Polyomino Weavings
Eva Knoll and Wendy Landry
(Proceedings pages 641–648)

Human Geometry Workshop
Mike Naylor and Vi Hart
(Proceedings pages 649–656)

Workshop Design Thinking Lab: Math Goes Fashion
Konrad Cernohous, Dominik Gross, Petra Ilias, Walter Lunzer, Ruth Mateus-Berr, Jasmin Schaitl and Peter Michael Schultes
(Proceedings pages 657–658)

Mathematical Modeling of Cartoon Images and Other Objects
M.G. Marques and M. Pires
(Proceedings pages 659–664)

A Workshop on Stellation Inspired Sculpture
Eve Torrence
(Proceedings pages 665–670)

Folding Your Way to Understanding
Nick Fout and Jenn Marker
(Proceedings pages 671–678)

Triangle Tessellation Workshop
Aaltje Berendina Aaten and Tom Goris
(Proceedings pages 679–680)

The Geometry of Paradise Flowers
Sarah Abdellahi and Tom Goris
(Proceedings pages 681–684)

The Magical Power of Our Eye: A Student Centered Approach to Building Bridges between Mathematics and Art
Gail Kaplan and Chris Bartlett
(Proceedings pages 685–692)

The Partial Implantation, At 1:2 Scale, of Rabaçal's Roman Villa
João Pedro Xavier and Eliana Manuel Pinho
(Proceedings pages 693–694)

Proposal for a Workshop on Symmetry of Plane Patterns
Manuel Arala Chaves
(Proceedings pages 695–696)