Bridges 2011 Short Papers

Using Triangle Parts to Create a Paper Quilt
Elaine Krajenke Ellison
(Proceedings pages 411–414)

Geometric Structures and Forms as Visual Art Compositions
Daniela Velichová
(Proceedings pages 415–418)

A Virtual Installation of Sierpinski Triangle
Mehrdad Garousi and Hamed Akbari
(Proceedings pages 419–422)

A Method for Expandable Regular Tessellation
Aylin Gazi and Koray Korkmaz
(Proceedings pages 423–426)

Creative Circle Design
Susan McBurney
(Proceedings pages 427–430)

At What Level Do Mathematical References Act In Contemporary Architecture?
M. Paula Serra De Oliveira and Francesco Marconi
(Proceedings pages 431–434)

20 Seconds Into the Future: Narrative Space for Maths Motivations
Tim Boykett, Tina Auer and Andreas Mayrhofer
(Proceedings pages 435–438)

Mathematical Furniture
Peter Meijer
(Proceedings pages 439–442)

The Idea of Time, Motion and Dynamism in Art
Daniela Rinaudo, Marcella Giulia Lorenzi and Mauro Francaviglia
(Proceedings pages 443–446)

Soccer Balls
Dirk Huylebrouck
(Proceedings pages 447–450)

Introduction to Ideal Quilts
Andrzej K. Brodzik
(Proceedings pages 451–454)

Painting in Geometric Key
Liviu Stoicoviciu, Gheorghe Samoilă, Marcella Giulia Lorenzi and Mauro Francaviglia
(Proceedings pages 455–458)

Futurism, Geometry of “Photodynamism” and Digital Photography
Marcella Giulia Lorenzi, Mauro Francaviglia and Rick Doble
(Proceedings pages 459–462)

Geometric Forms that Persist in Art and Architecture
Elisa Conversano, Mauro Francaviglia, Marcella Giulia Lorenzi and Laura Tedeschini Lalli
(Proceedings pages 463–466)

Fractal Aesthetics in Geometrical Art Forms
Vincenzo Iorfida, Marcella Giulia Lorenzi and Mauro Francaviglia
(Proceedings pages 467–470)

Malbec, Ornament and Rustication
Gabriel Esquivel
(Proceedings pages 471–474)

Story Telling with a Mathematical Flavor
Andreia Hall
(Proceedings pages 475–478)

Bending Hyperbolic Kaleidoscopes
Vladimir Bulatov
(Proceedings pages 479–482)

The Conformal Vega Disk
Joel Langer
(Proceedings pages 483–484)

System of Visual Organization in Graphic Design
Nahid Tootoonchi
(Proceedings pages 485–488)

The Eyes Have It: Focal Point Choices and Compositional Geometry in Painting
Chris Bartlett
(Proceedings pages 489–492)

Image Generation from Magic Squares
Fang You, Ming Yao and Jianmin Wang
(Proceedings pages 493–496)

Taking Sides, but Who's Counting? The Decagonal Tomb Tower at Maragha
Carol Bier
(Proceedings pages 497–500)

The Art of Manual Stone Carving as a Leap to Its Virtual Future
Jacques Beck
(Proceedings pages 501–504)

A Portrait of a Quadrilateral Group
Jay Zimmerman
(Proceedings pages 505–508)

How Can Mathematics Help in Identifying a Music Style
Mária Kuková
(Proceedings pages 509–510)

Just Twist, About Minimal Origami Models Based on Polyhedra Structure
Krystyna Burczyk and Wojciech Burczyk
(Proceedings pages 511–514)

Pavimenta: A Photo Tiling Tool
António Salgueiro
(Proceedings pages 515–518)

Symmetry, Marks and Meaning: Observations from Brand Identity Design
J.L. Marsden and B.G. Thomas
(Proceedings pages 519–522)

Designing Sculptures Inspired by Symmetric High-Genus Fullerenes with Mathematical Beading
Chern Chuang, Bih-Yaw Jin and Chia-Chin Tsoo
(Proceedings pages 523–526)

Conjecture and Proof: A Case of Shifting Identities in Raphael's School of Athens
Katherine Smith Abbott and Stephen Abbott
(Proceedings pages 527–530)

Amazing Labyrinths, Further Developments II
Samuel Verbiese
(Proceedings pages 531–534)

Mandelbrot Sound Map – A Tool for Mapping Fractals into Sounds
Boris Kerkez
(Proceedings pages 535–538)

Unusual Tilings and Transformations
Jouko Koskinen
(Proceedings pages 539–542)

A Representation for Whole Numbers and Their Factors
Ana Lúcia Braz Dias
(Proceedings pages 543–546)

Using the Golden Ratio in Multimedia Installations – Seeking for Beauty
Ana Isabel Portugal and Pedro Campos
(Proceedings pages 547–550)

A Brief Review of Frank O. Gehry and the Nationale-Nederlande Building
Ferhan Kızıltepe
(Proceedings pages 551–554)

Genetic Weapons
Filipe Afonso
(Proceedings pages 555–558)

The Sacred Cut
Jay Kappraff
(Proceedings pages 559–562)

A Group Theory Approach to (re)Constructing Sol LeWitt's Drawing Series IV, \#413
Charlene Morrow and James Morrow
(Proceedings pages 563–566)

Transition of Matière feature of Claude Monet’s Paintings Analyzed by Wavelet Transform and Co-occurrence matrix
Toshihiro Bando, Kenichiro Nishida and Yasunari Sasaki
(Proceedings pages 567–570)

Image Processing with Mathematica 8
Bruce Torrence
(Proceedings pages 571–572)

Adventure of a Simple Circle (in the Jungle of My Mind)
Evangelina Sousa
(Proceedings pages 573–576)

Bridging Theater and Mathematics: a Playwright's View
David M. White
(Proceedings pages 577–578)

Bridging Theater and Mathematics: a Mathematician's View
Alexei Kolesnikov
(Proceedings pages 579–580)

Decorating Regular Tiles with Arcs
David A. Reimann
(Proceedings pages 581–584)

Animation of Object-Oriented Program Execution
Peter Boothe and Sandro Badame
(Proceedings pages 585–588)

Cubic Fuzzy Precision: Tau-scaled Fractals from Plain-Vanilla Pentagrids
James F. Hausman and Fabien Vienne
(Proceedings pages 589–592)

Conformal Tiling on a Torus
John M. Sullivan
(Proceedings pages 593–596)

How Not to Bring Your Product to Market
Michael Stranahan, Carlos Neumann and Paul Hildebrandt
(Proceedings pages 597–600)

Design Thinking LAB: Math Goes Fashion
Konrad Cernohous, Dominik Gross, Petra Ilias, Walter Lunzer, Ruth Mateus-Berr, Jasmin Schaitl and Peter Michael Schultes
(Proceedings pages 601–604)

Sundials from Toroid Surfaces
Stephen Luecking
(Proceedings pages 605–608)

SPHERES + CUBES = x\^{}n+y\^{}n+z\^{}n = 0
William F. Duffy
(Proceedings pages 609–612)

Graphic illustration of Elementary Particles
György Darvas and Tamás F. Farkas
(Proceedings pages 613–616)