Bridges 2010 Workshop Papers

Mathematical Balloon Twisting for Education
Vi Hart
(Proceedings pages 515–522)

Creative Learning with Giant Triangles
Simon Morgan, Jacqueline Sack and Eva Knoll
(Proceedings pages 523–530)

A Workshop in Geometric Constructions of Mosaic Designs
Reza Sarhangi
(Proceedings pages 531–538)

Escher-type Tessellations and Pull-up Polyhedra: Creative Learning for the Classroom
E.B. Meenan and B.G. Thomas
(Proceedings pages 539–544)

POLY-UNIVERSE—Knowledge Produce Toy Family
János Szász Saxon
(Proceedings pages 545–550)

Workshop on Mathematics and Dance
Karl Schaffer and Erik Stern
(Proceedings pages 551–554)

Programming for Artists with Processing
Zsófia Ruttkay
(Proceedings pages 555–558)

Using Roller Coasters to Bridge Mathematics, Science and the Arts
Janka Szilágyi and Jill Zarazinski
(Proceedings pages 559–560)