Bridges 2010 Short Papers

Aesthetic and Mathematical Research: A Comparism with two Examples
Tim Boykett
(Proceedings pages 359–362)

Alhambra's Nazari Single Tile Patterns Guided Tour
Jesús Hernando
(Proceedings pages 363–366)

An Origami Puzzle of Intersecting Cubes
Zsolt Lengvarszky
(Proceedings pages 367–370)

Beautiful Homework: The Artists' Critique Group in the Mathematics Classroom
Daylene Zielinski
(Proceedings pages 371–374)

Parabolic Connections: Linking History, Art, Acoustics, and Mathematics
Gail Kaplan
(Proceedings pages 375–378)

Mathematical Interpretation of Graphic and Poster Design in Iran
Nahid Tootoonchi
(Proceedings pages 379–382)

On Torsion Free Subgroups of p32 and Related Colored Tilings
Ma. Louise Antonette N. De Las Peñas, Eden Delight B. Provido and René P. Felix
(Proceedings pages 383–386)

Cyclic Symmetric Multi-Scale Turing Patterns
Jonathan McCabe
(Proceedings pages 387–390)

Constructing Molecules with Beads: The Geometry of Topologically Nontrivial Fullerenes
Bih-Yaw Jin, Chern Chuang and Chia-Chin Tsoo
(Proceedings pages 391–394)

Minimal Flowers
John M. Sullivan
(Proceedings pages 395–398)

Ivory Polyhedra Turned on a Lathe
Tibor Tarnai
(Proceedings pages 399–402)

Ribbon Edges: a New Impulse for Geometric Sculpture
Charles Gunn
(Proceedings pages 403–406)

Moiré II
Koert Feenstra
(Proceedings pages 407–410)

Constructing Sierpinski Triangle with Rings
Mehrdad Garousi and Hamid Reza Dezfoolian
(Proceedings pages 411–414)

Mathematical Models for Argentine Tango
Carla Farsi
(Proceedings pages 415–418)

Toward a Tesseract Theater
Nicholas Abruzzo
(Proceedings pages 419–422)

Exploring Symmetry in Elementary Schools
Andreia Hall, Rosa Amélia Martins and Carlota Simões
(Proceedings pages 423–426)

Patterns from Archimedean Tilings Using Generalized Truchet Tiles Decorated with Simple Bézier Curves
David A. Reimann
(Proceedings pages 427–430)

Playing with the Möbius Band
Eleonóra Stettner
(Proceedings pages 431–434)

Creating Cartoon Images with Functions: A Pedagogical Project
M. G. Marques and M. Pires
(Proceedings pages 435–438)

Review of a Cinema Film from the Perspective of Symmetry: “The Pillow Book”
Ferhan Kı{}zı{}ltepe
(Proceedings pages 439–442)

Sphaerica: Interactive Spherical Geometry Software
János Erdős
(Proceedings pages 443–446)

Multisculpture or Polymorphic Sculpture: A Different Approach to Sculpture to Challenge and Nurture Reflection: Both in the Sculptor and in the Viewer
Jacques Beck
(Proceedings pages 447–450)

Borromean Rings & Three Fold Knots
Louise Mabbs
(Proceedings pages 451–454)

Cylinder Anamorphosis of Impossible Structures
Jan W. Marcus
(Proceedings pages 455–458)

Ad Quadratum Ad Infinitum
Eliana Manuel Pinho
(Proceedings pages 459–462)

The K5 Graph Turned into a Golden Pyramid
Samuel Verbiese
(Proceedings pages 463–466)

Chaos, Noise, Randomness and Coincidence as Constitutional for Generative Art
Mike Kostner, Franz Schubert and Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb
(Proceedings pages 467–470)

Seeing with the Mind: from the Matrix into the Cloud
Pedro Campos and Ana Isabel Portugal
(Proceedings pages 471–474)

Mandel-Bach Journey: A Marriage of Musical and Visual Fractals
Harlan J. Brothers
(Proceedings pages 475–478)

Models of Locally Regular Heptagonal Dodecahedra
David I. McCooey
(Proceedings pages 479–482)

The Sunflower Spiral and the Fibonacci Metric
Henry Segerman
(Proceedings pages 483–486)

Classification and Comparison of Different Folk Music Traditions Using Self Learning Algorithms
Zoltán Juhász
(Proceedings pages 487–490)

Matière of Painting Analyzed by Wavelet Transform
Toshihiro Bando, Masamichi Kobayashi, Yuri Sakurai
(Proceedings pages 491–492)

Oscillatory Solutions for Sine-Gordon Equation
Ion Bica
(Proceedings pages 493–494)

Tile Color Matching Using Simple Universal Cycles
Anna Virágvölgyi
(Proceedings pages 495–496)

John A. Hiigli
(Proceedings pages 497–498)

Perspective with Six Vanishing Points
Daniel Lőrincz, Brigitta Szilágyi and Ágnes Urbin
(Proceedings pages 499–500)

Use of Pseudo Functions in Digital Creation
Philippe Bootz
(Proceedings pages 501–502)

The Visualization of Flow
Joel Varland
(Proceedings pages 503–504)

The Qualitative and Quantitative World of Robert Wilson's Theater
Julie Rogers Varland
(Proceedings pages 505–506)

Revisiting Mat Board Models for A Physical Proof of Five and Only Five Regular Solids or Polyhedron
Robert McDermott
(Proceedings pages 507–508)

Anamorphic, Kaleidoscopic and Sculptural Mirror Reflections
Kenneth Brecher
(Proceedings pages 509–510)

Locally and Globally Regular Toroids with Less than 16 Hexagonal Faces
Lajos Szilassi
(Proceedings pages 511–512)

Impossible Ornaments
F. Farkas Tamás
(Proceedings pages 513–514)