Bridges 2010 Invited Papers

The System Approach and Design
Ernő Rubik
(Proceedings pages 1–1)

Visual and Logical Beauty in Mathematics
László Lovász
(Proceedings pages 2–2)

Bridges 2010 Regular Papers

Quantum Sculpture: Art Inspired by the Deeper Nature of Reality
Julian Voss-Andreae
(Proceedings pages 3–10)

Models of Surfaces and Abstract Art in the Early 20th Century
Angela Vierling-Claassen
(Proceedings pages 11–18)

Expressions, Assemblages and Grammars
Penousal Machado
(Proceedings pages 19–26)

Branching Miter Joints: Principles and Artwork
Tom Verhoeff and Koos Verhoeff
(Proceedings pages 27–34)

Poetry Inspired by Mathematics
Sarah Glaz
(Proceedings pages 35–42)

Types of Repetition and Multistable Perception in the Frieze Patterns on the Marble Pavement of the Cathedral of Siena
Yang Liu and Godfried Toussaint
(Proceedings pages 43–50)

Mirrors and Spheres: The Geometry within the “Tall Tree and the Eye”
Chiara Tuffanelli
(Proceedings pages 51–58)

Compositional Constraints of Simultaneous Color Contrast: Toward a Classification of Types
James Mai
(Proceedings pages 59–66)

Tiled Torus Quilt with Changing Tiles
Elaine Krajenke Ellison and John Sharp
(Proceedings pages 67–74)

About Weaving and Helical Holes
Rinus Roelofs
(Proceedings pages 75–84)

My Search for Symmetrical Embeddings of Regular Maps
Carlo H. Séquin
(Proceedings pages 85–94)

Curve Evolution Schemes for Parquet Deformations
Craig S. Kaplan
(Proceedings pages 95–102)

Some Three-dimensional Self-similar Knots
Robert W. Fathauer
(Proceedings pages 103–110)

Strip Symmetry Groups of African Sona Designs
Darrah Chavey
(Proceedings pages 111–118)

Interactive Exploration of Corporate Logos: From Mercedes Benz to Sea Creatures
Christopher Carlson
(Proceedings pages 119–126)

Vasarely's Work—Invitation to Mathematical and Combinatorial Visual Games
Ljiljana Radovic and Slavik Jablan
(Proceedings pages 127–134)

Bourgoin's 14-Pointed Star Polygon Designs
B. Lynn Bodner
(Proceedings pages 135–142)

On Generating Dot Paintings in the Style of Howard Arkley
Gary R. Greenfield
(Proceedings pages 143–150)

Geometric Tools for the Magic Woodcarver
Bjarne Jespersen
(Proceedings pages 151–158)

Imaginary Cubes—Objects with Three Square Projection Images
Hideki Tsuiki
(Proceedings pages 159–166)

Design by Subdivision
Michael Hansmeyer
(Proceedings pages 167–174)

Artformer Geometry
Antal Kelle
(Proceedings pages 175–182)

Creating and Modifying Images Using Newton's Method for Solving Equations
Stanley Spencer
(Proceedings pages 183–190)

Using Mathematics in Art
Michael Field
(Proceedings pages 191–198)

Regular Polyhedral Lattices of Genus 2: 11 Platonic Equivalents?
Dirk Huylebrouck
(Proceedings pages 199–206)

Early Modern Art Layouts in Breuer's Design
Devrim Işikkaya
(Proceedings pages 207–214)

From the Angle of Quasicrystals
Jean-Marc Castéra
(Proceedings pages 215–222)

Gauss, Bolyai, Lobachevsky—in General Education? (Hyperbolic Geometry as Part of the Mathematics Curriculum)
István Lénárt
(Proceedings pages 223–230)

A General Procedure for the Construction of Mirror Anamorphoses
Francesco De Comité
(Proceedings pages 231–238)

Art with a Double Meaning
István Orosz
(Proceedings pages 239–246)

Expanding the Mandelbrot Set into Higher Dimensions
Javier Barrallo
(Proceedings pages 247–254)

Swhirling Squares: A Simple Math Flip-Book Animation
Douglas McKenna
(Proceedings pages 255–262)

Brunnian Weavings
Douglas G. Burkholder
(Proceedings pages 263–270)

Eureka and Serendipity: The Rudolf von Laban Icosahedron and Buckminster Fuller's Jitterbug
Caspar Schwabe
(Proceedings pages 271–278)

Projection of Point Sets to a Lower Dimension with Applications in the Arts
György Darvas
(Proceedings pages 279–286)

The Vitruvian Figure of Eight
Joel C. Langer
(Proceedings pages 287–292)

A Fractal Celtic Key Pattern?
Paul Gailiunas
(Proceedings pages 293–298)

Biblical Cantillations
Russell Jay Hendel
(Proceedings pages 299–304)

Some Possibilities of Russian Combinatorial Literature
Tatiana Bonch-Osmolovskaya
(Proceedings pages 305–310)

Amateur and Pioneer: Simon Stevin (ca. 1548–1620) about Music Theory
János Malina
(Proceedings pages 311–316)

30 Cubes on a Rhombic Triacontahedron
Sándor Kabai
(Proceedings pages 317–322)

On Growth, Form and Yin-Yang
Michael Longuet-Higgins
(Proceedings pages 323–328)

Everything is Number—Mathematics Meets Arts
Carsten Miller
(Proceedings pages 329–334)

Viruses and Crystals: Science Meets Design
B.G. Thomas
(Proceedings pages 335–340)

Geometrical Representations of North Indian Thāts and Rāgs
Chirashree Bhattacharya and Rachel Wells Hall
(Proceedings pages 341–346)

Hyperbolic Vasarely Patterns
Douglas Dunham
(Proceedings pages 347–352)

Specialties of Models of the 6-dimensional Cube
László Vörös
(Proceedings pages 353–358)