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San Sebastian
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July 24-27, 2007

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By Paco Gómez


I wouldn't stay at the hostels around La Puerta del Sol. Many of them are expensive, and the whole area is very noisy due to nightlife. Let me recommend you Apartamentos Tribunal ( They speak English, have an on-line reservation system, and are nice to people. I've been using this Apartamentos Tribunal for years to put people visiting me, colleagues, conference attendees, etc. Those are little apartments, very clean and neat, with a small kitchen.

Near Apartamentos Tribunal there is a metro station, Tribunal station (less than 20 meters from the lobby of the appartments), as well as a taxi station (50 meters away from the lobby). The area I'm recommending you is 15 minutes away from La Puerta del Sol on foot. La puerta de Sol is the heart of downtown Madrid.


By train: The metro (line 1, the blue one) takes you directly to the train station. In Madrid there are three main train stations: Atocha, Príncipe Pío and Chamartin Usually, trains to North leave from Chamartin station, which is located in the north of Madrid. All the three train stations have trains that take you from one station to the rest. From Tribunal metro station you can go directly to Atocha train station, and from there to Chamartin. Sometimes trains to the north leave from Atocha; this should be checked out.

By bus: For buying bus tickets, check The bus station has a metro station called Avenida de America. How to get there? At the Tribunal metro station take line 10, the dark blue one, to Alonso Martinez. Then switch to line 5, the green one, all the way to Avenida de America. There you'll see a big bus station. Look for a bus company called Continental-Auto.

By airplane: From Apartamentos Tribunal to the airport I just recommend to take a taxi. Out of peak hours it should cost around 30 euros. To get there by bus you have to go to Avenida de America; see instructions on the previous paragraph. Once there, take bus 200 ( for details on Madrid buses check It goes straight to the airport.


There are many things that you can see in Madrid, but if you are to stay one day only, I would just recommend the following ones:

  1. The Prado Museum:, one the main museums in the world.
  2. Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum:, holding a great collection of art from the XVIII to XX centuries.
  3. Queen Sofia Museum:, it is specialized in art from the XX century.


In Madrid you can find thousand of restaurants with a great variety of food, according to the region, the type of food, etc. I have to warn you that some places are expensive, specially when they see unaware tourists who don’t speak Spanish. Check the prices first, and do not go to the restaurantes around La Plaza Mayor; they are famous for cheating on tourists.

I recommend the following links below. You’ll find some nice restaurantes to eat, suggestions, stories, reviews, recommendations, etc. I think the best thing is to eat “tapas”. Try Plaza Santa Ana and around. You won’t be dissapointed.


I’ll be in Madrid in July before San Sebastian. I wouldn’t mind to take you to a tapas tour. Just let me know (via e-mail, for example) in advance and we will make it.