At this year’s Bridges Conference, kids will be able to attend a special Bridges for Kids workshop. While parents attend conference sessions, their children can enjoy a workshop of their own. The Bridges for Kids workshop is a series of sessions where kids can have fun while experiencing and learning about the relationship between mathematics and arts in a playful yet meaningful way. This is an opportunity for parents to travel with their children to a stimulating conference in the awe-inspiring city San Sebastian.



By building on the Bridges’ mission statement, we have set these goals for Bridges for Kids:

·        Encourage parents and teachers to give kids early exposure to both maths and arts.

·        Show that both maths and arts are two sides of the coin we call culture.

·        Learn about maths and arts in an unusual, fun, exploratory, and challenging way.

·        Stimulate kids’ intellectual curiosity and artistic sensitivity; in other words, encourage them to become intellectual and artistic explorers.

·        Learn in a caring, confidence-building environment.

·        Create complicity between children and parents as they both experience learning at Bridges.

·        Develop a social dimension in Bridges.



Bridges for Kids is organized by Bridges in collaboration with CIPIF, a Spanish company devoted to educational services, and with the help of Paco Gómez.


· Schedule: Bridges for Kids sessions are concurrent with regular conference sessions. The most probable schedule will be 9h00-12h00, and 14h00 -17h00 every day of the conference. Parents are expected to have lunch with their kids.

· Teachers: At least two teachers will be in charge of the whole group of kids at all times. The kids per teacher ratio will never exceed 10:1. Teachers are provided by CIPIF.

·   Language: Teachers are bilingual in Spanish and English.

· Program: Teachers will give some sessions and Bridges’ participants will give others. If you are a teacher and wish to participate in Bridges for Kids, please see the information below. Among the workshops we hope to offer are origami, tangram, the Kalah and other strategy games, cooperative games, pattern games, logic games, music sessions, painting with math techniques, etc. At this point in time much of the program is to be determined; however, a detailed program will follow within the next few weeks.

·   Age Range: 6-12.

·  Insurance: The local organizer CIPIF is a highly experienced company in the field of education. Their professional teachers all have a degree in Education and experience with children. CIPIF will provide adequate insurance coverage for the entire workshop.

·     Sign-up Date: The deadline to sign up is May 31.

·     Price: The four-day workshop costs 150 euros.



We need a minimum registration of 12 for Bridges for Kids to take place. The program cannot proceed with fewer due to budget constraints.




If you are interested in having your kids participate in Bridges for Kids, please let us know by e-mail:


Paco Gomez,




If you are a Bridges participant and you would like to give a Bridges for Kids workshop, please send us an e-mail describing your proposed workshop, workshop duration (one-hour is suggested), as well as material you would require. Being in touch with kids is being in touch with future. Participate!


Paco Gomez,