Bridges Donostia

s, Music, Art, Architecture, Culture

San Sebastian
, Spain

July 24-27, 2007

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Excursions and Events

The Bilbao Excursion

Bilbao, founded 700 years ago, is a classic European city in every respect. Uncluttered and easily explored on foot, its wide open boulevards feature interesting public buildings, museums, parks and the titanium clad Guggenheim Museum (a highlight of the trip). A delightful riverside stroll will take you to the Old Quarter where Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassic and Modernist buildings house innovative shops and traditional Basque restaurants and tapas bars. Bilbao is also a friendly, open city where visitors are welcomed and made to feel at home.  Please note that this excursion includes a trip to the Chillida Sculpture Garden. The tickets for this excursion will be sold during the first day of the conference.

Musical Event

There will be a night of music performed by a combination of Bridges conference participants and professionals. The special feature for this year’s music performance will be the introduction of maestro A. Borhani.  He will play several Persian classical instruments such as Tar, Setar, Santur, Daf, and Tonbak. He will also talk about their relationships with other disciplines.

Visual Art Exhibit

The Bridges Donostia Conference will be complemented by an exhibit of mathematical art. There are opportunities for participants and contributors to show their work in the exhibition. (Previous Bridges art exhibits are illustrated here.)